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After returning from the amazing NZ Elite Motorsport Academy camp we got stuck in to all the ‘after camp’ work with the various providers that the Academy setup for us. It’s an awesome journey and we’ll make the most of the next 11 months under the tutelage of the Academy team. Hot on the heels of that we bid farewell to the Toyota 86 and wish the new owner the very best of luck with her. I’d like to thank the team at Toyota Gazoo Racing and #Pacific Toyota for the amazing opportunity they gave us last year. It was a last minute call to run the series and it was an amazing experience that taught me so much so a big thank you to Bruce, Amanda and the entire team.


That brings us to the unveiling of this awesome racecar! It’s a Porsche 991.1. It certainly won’t be the newest car out there this year but it is very capable. Hard to describe exactly how amazing this purpose built racebred machine is! We’ve tested at Taupo, Manfield and Hampton in the last 2 weeks and it is a super quick beast. Hard to compare times because track/weather conditions were obviously different to when NZGT last ran at each of those circuits but the team consensus is the car is fast! We now need to concentrate on driving techniques and making sure we can drive the car to a number and keep the tyres in shape for an hour.

We’ve been working hard on securing additional partners and I’d really like to thank all the people who have come partnered with us to date. We’re still out there working hard and hope to have some changes to this initial livery in the coming weeks. We’ll have more exciting updates next week so watch this space but for now it is best I just leave you to admire this very special racecar!

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