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Firstly a massive thanks to Arlene and Skinny Colson made my dreams come true last night. Hard to explain the confidence you give me in this amazing car and I just really appreciate all the help and encouragement you give me.


Heat 1 off P4, awesome race on a super quick track. Finished this one P2 and had a quick turnaround for heat 2.


Heat 2 off P11, this had to be the money race. A good result here would put us up there in the feature grid.  This race was on..we made a heap of passes and actually made it to p3 but a yellow came out after the white flag and the race was declared. Unfortunately we lost those last 2 spots as we had to go a lap back and finished P5. 


Feature time and we were off Grid 4 and surrounded by Legends of the sport. Infront of me, beside me and directly behind. First start and I got a blinder around the outside and came out of Turn 2 in second only to be greeted by the yellow lights down the back straight. Next start not so good but held tough through lap 1 to hold 4th behind Dean Brindle, Dean Cooper and Jamie Larsen. There were some intense tight moments in those first few laps and it didn't get any quieter as we got into lapped traffic so quickly. I managed to get Dean Cooper and set my eyes on Dean Brindle who has taught me so much in the last year. We were slicing through lapped traffic and the track was still so fast and wide, it was just unreal. It was the lapped traffic that allowed me to get the pass done. Dean got delayed high and a hole opened up low and the car just took the gap. Jamie Larsen had a pretty good gap but again the lapped traffic was challenging everyone. The times probably suggest otherwise but those last 7 or 8 laps felt so quick. To Skinnys credit I could pretty well put the car anywhere and she just hung on. The traffic played its part and when Jamie got baulked a little I made the move for the lead and made it stick. Jamie was still all over me but when I sent it 3 wide into turn 3 it gave us just a little break. From there it was just mega concentration and I managed to pull a small gap to take the .  So privileged to be racing these guys at the pointy end. 

Thanks to all the guys who came and said congrats. It means a lot!

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