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Well it wasn’t the ideal start to the PMSC season. A mistake in qualifying and the start of race 1 made for a rather difficult weekend overall but here's the low down.


Practice: Had really good car pace the whole session, made a slight tweak from the test day and I felt comfortable in the car. Finishing P5. No changes made for qualifying.

Qualifying: On my 2nd flyer I made a mistake coming out of the last corner, sending the car into a big snap and off the road, I was able to save it and bring it back around into the pits but lost a lot of time as the splitter needed to be replaced. Everyone else had also chosen that time to grab their second set of greens and by the time I got back out everyone else was already on flyers as i was trying to bring the greens up to temp. Super difficult as you don't want to impede anyone on their quick lap. With the clock counting down to xero I just sent it into 1 and had our best sector 1 time only to find a car spinning infront at T4. I was forced to go down the escape road and that was qually done. P10


Race 1: Not much to talk about, stalled on the line and got collected. Went back through the data and know exactly what happened. Needless to say it won’t happen again! Sorry again to Brett for ruining his race and taking away a good result for his weekend.


Race 2: Starting P22 I had some work to do, settled in slowly but started to pick off cars quickly. Made our way all the way to P10 with about 8 minutes to go. The next car in the queue was to far up the road so that was us. Congrats to Brett on his awesome bounce-back too. Finished P10.

Race 3: Starting P10, I got a fairly good start and stayed in P10, I made one spot up early before a safety car came out. Once we had restarted there was only one or two laps before we had another safety car where the race finished. Finished P8.

Big thank you to Woody, Leigh, Timmy, Andy, Damo, Jamie and all the boys for all their hard work over the weekend. Appreciate it guys!

Looking forward to heading to Taupo this weekend, back to the Coast for de-brief next week and then testing at the Bend in a few weeks time!

Thanks for all the support from back home. Road just got a bit tougher but we're up for it!

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